...that we have a great honor to have with us...


La Ros

(Parma - Italy)

Rossana "La Ros" Capasso from Parma has many years of international experience DJing at marathons, encuentros and festivals.
Her sets are centered on the tango music of the 30s and 40s. Led by a deep sensibility, she always seeks the right balance between the energetic needs of the dancefloor and her personal musical imprint.

Jens-Ingo Brodesser

(Brussels - Belgium)

“I like to think of colours and shapes like when you paint a picture. You start at a certain point and let the whole thing evolve. Maybe you tell a story, maybe you are abstract but the most important is that you express something through the music you play” 


Mikael Holber

(Gothenburg - Sweden)

Mikael has been DJing since 2009. His interest in music is central to his dancing, and the music's rhythm is the force driving him to evolve as both a dancer and a DJ. His aim at a milonga is to create a compelling mix of easily-accessible rhythms with intriguing melodies, while keeping the dance floor in constant motion. He plays weekly at many of the local milongas in Gothenburg, Sweden, he gives classes at a newly formed tango club, and he travels as a dancer for inspiration for both his dancing and DJing.

Claudio Coppola

(Paris - Francia)

I'm an italian living in Paris. I started djing 5 years ago and I did not vote Berlusconi...

When I used to be just a dancer I was one of the last to leave the milonga, always asking for "otra" (I think that lots of Dj's used to hate me), so when I started djing, I swore to myself that I would never stop the music until the last couple left the dance floor, if the organizer didn't throw us out the milonga...

My favourite in this moment are Di Sarli, D'Arienzo and Canaro. I consider myself as a dancer lent to the console, I mean that during the Dj-set my obligation is to make people dance and enjoy, and dance, as much as possible.

Valeria Norcia

(Syracusa - Italy)

Music as a meeting spot. Energy and life around the dance floor. Flippantly deep.

Valeria's music casts this momentary spell including and harmonizing together different ranges. Her debut as a Dj comes late's 90s bringing eclecticism into the local music scene, performing through a sound that featres…


Valeria is a key perfumer and musicalizadira and a renowned Dj at several festivals and marathons.

Her track list is always structured on pandas y cortinas, melting calssical style and accurate communication with the dancers whom she follows carefully from her console so that the dance floor might always be alive and pulsing.

Ramo & Go-Go

(Istambul - Turkey)


Ramo & Go-Go is a tango Dj duo based in Istambul. You can hear recordings from every period of tango music when they're Dj-ing.

But they are passioned by la Guardia vieja and la Epoca de Oro.

They've been Dj-ing together for 4 yeras and they have performed nearly in 200 Milongas. They always try to capture the mood of the croud and create an atmosphere that will elevate the energy as a whole in a unique way.

"Our aims is to make the dancers feel themselves like stars."

Christos Pater

(Athens - Greece)


"I started playing music in 2006 in Amsterdam and since then my goal is to inspire dancers and provide them with the desire to dance. Sources of my inspiration are the golden age orchestras and the energy of the milonga is the key to my selections . If I had to define my way of DJing, I would say it is rather emotional."


Christos is based is Amsterdam and he has DJed at international festivals (Tangomagia, MilongueroNights, Brussels Festival, Tangocamp, Tango Amadeus, Ljubljana, Planetango), marathons (Hamburg, Colon, Amsterdam, Berlin Fiesta, El Corte, Rome, Lisbon, Oslo, Crazy Chicken, Black Sea, Prague) and milongas in Buenos Aires, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, the United States, France, Istanbul, Austria and Greece.