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International Tango Marathons

Otoño en París & Primavera en Praga





As a musician, dancer, instructor & Art Director of the Association loi 1901 Musetta, I organize "Argentinian events" in order to connect every single ingredient that permitted TANGO to see the "night light", to become an entity...

TANGO is alive throughout the entire world, but we shouldn't forget that the dance is inseparable from the music. Sometimes, it seems that we cannot go further than what the antique orchestras achieved. Maybe...

But there are incredible musicians that I think we should still listen to with attention since we "have" them... Even they, as historical cycles show, are not only playing to accompany the dance, but also in recitals, which are still closely linked to the culture of TANGO.

Lets not forget that TANGO comes from a mixture of cultures and from the streets...


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