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My dear Tangueros !


After Otoño en París, welcome to

Primavera en Praga Tango Marathon 5th edition


May 7 - 8 - 9 - 10th 2020


and celebrate PRAGUE SPRING together !

at our extraordinary location :



In the HEART of Prague, in between the OLD TOWN and MALÁ STRANA


An invitation to get immersed of Prague's magic & beauty and feel one of the most beautiful seasons as a mixture of CAPITAL CITY & NATURE in a TANGO embrace …


The purposes of our Marathon :


✬ warm & festive energy

✬ excellent musicality

✬ good level of dance

✬ gender balance 

✬ eclecticity of people & origins

✬ some kind of human magic...


We hope to have you all with us & look after !


Nina & Team